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Beatriz one of the only females on the team to note, she is in college and study's hard in a country which struggles sadly with economic woes and high taxes, government enforcement and more and more issues.

Beatriz has been with Team Success for the long haul, had a rough road and start to what we were, made change happen inadvertently and was even suspended and allowed to return to a newly rebooted Team Success in October. 

Beatriz has decided to discontinue membership after our PI network is dissolved. PI will be not mineable at 10.5 million users they currently have 9.5, at which time it will not be profitable for TS to offer anything for PI members who join our pool. Therefore to save the Cellphone and PI network TS devolvement and tested spoke to guides on the subject close to the team and added 5 very simple non intrusive steps to our program making it more profitable for all,. we were ultimately told to fuck off so we executed our right to terminate the optional offer and let Beatriz walk away as successful as she was when she arrived, with $15 this last month for clicking a mouse 3000x and evenly split for a coin that's worth $0 atm.. We bothered her for more effort and a better future, we hope we haven't done that for others and know most the current PI network knows they will lost a spot on the team if they do not act on fulfilling the network.

Dec 28 - Perfect month on PI

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1  - Shirt

1 - Hat

1 - Laptop

1 - MoonLander

1 - Cooling Pad

1 - Cooling Fan

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