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Originally this rig was dedicated to helping off-balancing the hydro expense of running outdated miners past cheap cycle, admittedly at just 106 SAT a day that's not making much of a difference, what does is the payment amount owned to this miner for being a member of Team Success!

Rather than take another portion of money from the team for profits it's important we have our bases covered for growth and expenses as a team.

After months of running the team and having multiple months where we broke income records, my kids now wanted the laptop they never used back.. Sadly for them, this wasn't happening free of charge! Not only was it required both kids 16 & 13 one boy and one girl to help on the hobby farm which consisted of cleaning 6-ft tall piles of overgrowth and scrap from a fallen barn, we want to use the foundation. They got the laptop back with another condition they remain members of Team Success.

So now, inadvertently the team has another meaning, family ties! Again my kids are involved. I want to leave a successful inheritance to them so they can enjoy every day to the fullest, explore and do things we as parents we couldn't, I want my grandkids to never want, need or go hungry, I want them to see a side of life that was earned from the smart choices of one blue-collar generation. 

We plan to share our story on our team's YouTube so you can get to know us even more!

When giving the laptop back on this condition it forced us to reconsider long-term gains for those with a laptop and for us as a team and although ending up with USB miners and cooling pads is good in the short term for each member, its yield will always be small. its yield will always become smaller, We brainstormed, we decided on a fee-based option, a VIP auto-upgrade, and still leave the option for each member to obtain free trivial gear that would marginally assist the team.

Naturally so the most beneficial situation for this laptop and the team as a whole has been chosen and yes that does include interest in my own pocketbook.

All laptop owners will be given one of the following options for Growth Plans.  


A) (Minor Addition) - Members gain equipment free to keep. It's swag/Moonlander/USB Miners/Cooling Pad/USB Fans -
Yields:  $.03-$.75 Daily + Lottery odds as in all mining. - Must Earn B  First 

B) Earn FREE VIP Account Upgrade see terms here.  (Use Growth Plan Money - No Out  Of Pocket) 
Yields:  Free Shirt/Hat, 25% More Pay, 50% Less Mining, $$ AIRDROPS $$, +++ - Proceed to C-A-D

C) $500-$1000 PC ( Team Success TBD - NEW/USED ) - Shipping Included.  - You own this and assume all risk in shipping, longevity, and worth, wear and tear, and operating expense. It will be set up to remain on the team and be earning. 

Yields:  $1.5-5.75 Daily + Lottery odds as in all mining.

D) GPU/ASIC & HODL - Earn a GPU/ASIC equal to the GPU/ASIC's running in the current VIP build, Use Growth Plan to purchase GPU/ASIC to be owned and operated by Team Success, at Team Success, Ongoing 6% fee to manage these units. This fee is collected with no out-of-pocket expense to the member. Every Growth Plan month after the unit is purchased you will get the yield mentioned below.

Yields:  $6-$75 Daily + Lottery odds as in all mining, Every other month all Growth Plan money - 6% is put into your Team Selected coin at our VIP account.  This is YOUR coin, every week when we update the team you will be able to see your coin's value, the goal is to stake your coin and allow you to safely earn interest with minimal to no risk. 
Minimal risk means, if a coin needs to have $3000 invested to stake it and earn this interest which will help us both and allot for this portion to remain 100% passive once deposited and you have $1500 we will HODL your coin, this means before you can earn the safe interest we need to hope the coin stays stable. We will a lot for the team's previously aggressive 30% loss of value before we move your coin to CRO and cash you out by default -6% for management and any and all fees.

Hidden benefits to this plan:

If the coin inflates 200% before April 1, you and the team will enjoy a nice pay day.

The team builds app clout. Unlocks perks

The team establishes a 6% income gain for each member choosing this plan. This literally means more income per month for you and everyone else.

VIPs establish Airdrops faster.

25% Pay Bonus to everyone choosing this plan

50% Less mining is required.

Every member in your pool will earn more every month for the life of the program, based on the hardware being better than all other options. 

VIPs in the event the team needs to downsize due to mining phasing out will be LAST to go.

No need to learn or try investing yourself.

More money to advertise our program more continuously and aggressively. 

This is how we grow on a very blue-collar budget. The way we have and the way we always will. We are here for the little guy, the futuristic thinker, and the struggling entrepreneur or single parent, household not the already rich and egotistical. See the plan embrace the plan!



Growth Plan


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Plan B & D - In Progress

1 - GPU TBD - Target Appox $400 CDN

1 - Shirt or Hat

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