Current Coins
Launched Apr 8 2020



Current Coins is a dedicated ASIC miner at Team Success headquarters in River John, NS they are entitled to an even share of what the company earns on all revenue and will have that deposited into our "Current Coins" at 

Its purpose is to invest in the following main current coins. Trade as profitable and cash out $400 every $1400 earned in value to be split with ALL teammates. Cellphone miners to ASIC miners.

 AS always we stay true to the Team Success formula to not ask you for money, just do your team part share and grow the team and we'll keep mining. The Current Coins dedicated ASIC miner adds a lot of money to the Current Coins account each month but we are held to the same growth plan as all members we have to upgrade ourselves accordingly no matter what.

While our growth plan money waits to be paid out, the best part is it's helping the team all the while earning interest in our VIP platform. 


Growth Plan


My Services

1 + Bitmain T17 equivalent or higher.

Amount Owed Toward Growth Plan


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  1. IF, You have a PC/Laptop with 4GB + CPU or Cellphone

  2. Willing to download & run the software/app 80+hrs wk.
    3. Have PayPal or Bitcoin Wallet