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Founder April 8 2020



After a long run and trying to get my own crypto journey started I lost a sum of $5000 roughly in two different scams involving bitcoin. I loved the idea behind it so I was determined to find the legit methods of making money. Of course like others I wanted to get into this bitcoin thing but I wanted to do it free! Especially after losing 5g and then finally earning my own success at the expense of about $15k total I was able to change my life. 

I got out of bitcoin too soon and last-ditch effort bought some older equipment to get back into the game. While doing that I see this world around me that is missing this opportunity where someone with little to zero knowledge can make money with shit they already own, I mean that's silly stupid. If you have a PC and you're lazy like me and leave it on all night, should it be paying for itself plus a cup of coffee minimum? What if that turned into a boat or house because others like you were vibe'n with what I'm saying. Sure it's 1000x better to own two 8GB 1080TI cards or 64gb FPGA card, or high-end ASIC's we know that we're not new... We're teaching the new, guiding them to being more profitable without the overhead of $10-15000 to get started extremely profitable. We open this world to them in a profitable manner then individually discuss via email at your own pace what is next for you.

BOOM, Insert April 8. I launched a brand, were mining.... Yeah it's not that easy we went through ups and downs but the one thing that has been consistent has been ZERO losses in the month, every month people who join spend $0 and make more than they had walking into Team Success without issuing a credit card or any other form of payment. We pay for participation thus the program is free, we can earn a decent living showing you the ropes using company referrals, and so on, we choose the best for you and we move on with a plan we design to get you making money as quickly as possible with ZERO out of the pocket expense. Now keep in mind those with some investment can succeed faster and we are here if your one of those people but if not you will become one using our growth plan system. 

One of the biggest challenges of Team Success is transparency, both from us and you the member. We have some who mine to the minute, others who add and remove equipment, some that add only the weakest of gear, and we have some very unselfish miners but none of this stuff goes unnoticed. Just as we need to earn trust from behind the 8 ball so do our members, we will not help anyone for nothing although this is a free website, and service is done so for anyone willing to partipate 

If you know everything, have everything, and are expecting 10x overnight, this isn't the place nor does it exist.  If you're behind the curve, have an old PC that was decent a few yrs ago, a home laptop with 4gb CPU, or a cellphone we have a team plan that results in profits, we don't want to share it with everyone just you, the person needing it. If you have decent gear but don't know how you'd ever expand \/

If you have a great gaming PC but know nothing about crypto and want to earn,  can't save a dime, live at home and cant buy more gear, we encourage you to get onboard fuel the revolution, and learn to earn. You give us your GPU's power for 80hrs a week and we give you cash and or BTC, knowledge if it's needed, and a customized growth plan for eventual free equipment, it's really that simple.


We don't stop at just sharing our mining profits, no we don't because this is your team, the success of us rest on you joining, earning, and taking part not upselling you on shit you can't use or don't understand.. If you run off half-cocked and waste your investment on some cleaver voice-over and actor even if it's with us, we get a short-term gain and a really bad rap. 

No matter what happens with your time here at Team Success, it's happening is on you, and your effort and dedication to staying the course of your plan, we are proof free programs work see our YouTube, we help you get there but can't make you. Open your mind and email not your wallet.


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Dec 28  Added the following card to the team, not yet mining but all the parts should be onsite by Jan 15. 

Jan 15 2021 - RX570 is added to the team's first 8 card ETH rig! It's ALIVE!


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4 Bitmain +S17 (Upgrades) (- In Progress )

4 ASIC EXPANSION Outbuilding @ HQ

Development of Property @ HQ TBD

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  1. IF, You have a PC/Laptop with 4GB + CPU or Cellphone

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