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Initially, Marq 7 started mining in mid-2017, with a laptop then! (Proving it can be done!) The purpose was for a passive (side) income. In Early 2018 I started to build a rig that consisted of an Nvidia GT 1030 2GB and a GTX 1050 2GB. By then, the bears were really having their way with the Bitcoin market and I considered many times closing down the rig (due to electricity costs).


However, I persevered and bought two AMD cards: RX 570 4GB and RX 580 4GB.  The previous rig was running Windows 7 and I couldn't get the Crimson drivers for the AMD cards o work so that I can access compute mode. They were mining less than half of their potential. Eventually, I bought another PC and 3 other cards (GTX 1650, P106-100, and GTX 1070) - My 1070 card recently smoked out (EVGA with ACX cooling tech had a manufacturing fault, so I learned after). So I'm down to my current 3 until I can purchase another.

All of the above to say that I plan to mine long-term. I will contribute my rig to the team for the 80 hrs to see how it goes. If I am satisfied, then we can have a long term relationship as miners and crypto enthusiasts.

Dec 7 - Marq7 has accepted the terms no longer making his plan for Laptop growth optional. This will bring Marq7 device count to 4. More as he upgrades the laptop firstly as that's where the company is for affordability but as others are Marq is excited about the progress.

Dec 16 -  Marq7 adds a 1660 Super to his individual capabilities and charges forward with Team Success! Surpassing and eclipsing 80hrs week after week and taking a very humble approach to his grow. This week accepting his GP payout and will be the first to wear a shirt outside of our founders, this means visible coverage in North America and South America we couldn't be prouder. 

Dec 20 (Payroll) - We shipped a shirt of $33.13 in value to Team Success, it was paid for from Marq7's Growth plan below and the balance was updated today.  The second shirt of equal value was shipped for our founders and didn't increase shipping in which founders covered half. 

Dec 20 - Our plan is to supply Marq7 with a cooling pad for his laptop off his growth plan if Feb 1 payment continues on this trend.  -

Dec 28 - 90 days in! Marq7 secures member of the month for the first time, and not the first running tho. Strong consideration with just 15 days of mining with the team last month lost due to a member's social media support for the team.  This comes with a $25 CDN/BTC bonus this month and means great things to come for both Marq7 and the team.

Feb 1 - Another month goes by where Marq7 is the leading force right behind the CEO as in numbers, narrow to miss his second MOTM due to his efforts to grossly mine over our requirements. Trumped only by solid donations that directly impact the team and could not be ignored by member Mike Haworth, sending Marq his shirt was a proud moment for the team and needs to be said Marq is in South America not SOUTH AFRICA, either way having our logo seen all over the world is exciting and if Marq is anything like the others near him we are excited to meet them soon to be members! 





On top of just missing out on MOTM, Marq was just a few dollars away from adding a FREE 800w power supply for another project with the help of our team's networking! We are excited to just about guarantee the purchase of this product when we add to growth plans once more!

Marq also has a lower earning laptop which increases our team's capital without investing by using every BTC generating piece of gear we have, nothing gained is to be underestimated. We make .08 a day .15 and so on by following the networking we present with Team Success - We have sent Marq options as to how we're going to proceed to so his location and will update this page as needed in regards to his laptops payout, IT IS eligible to receive this month meaning material gains FREE!



Growth Plan


My Services

1 - Shirt or Hat (COMPLETE)
2 x GTX 1060 6GB/1660

2 x GTX 1070

1 x 1000 watts uninterrupted power supply

800 watts modular power supply unit (In Progress)

Laptop Growth Plan
Plan B
 & D- In Progress
(See plans here)

1 - GPU TBD - Target Appox $400 CDN

1 - Shirt or Hat

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TEAM ______ COIN!

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