Mining Caves

Welcome to the mining cave at Team Success. This gear is all OPTIONAL. This gear is what most relevant miners are using to make $10-$20+ every day.  We have worked out the profitability of the gear at several price points and have come up with a  GOOD, BETTER, AND BEST solution available to you worldwide via AMAZON. This equipment would be yours, setup help is available from the team once you join. It can be used privately for your own gains or as part of our team solution. 

Good - Suggested only if using our payment to you, as in it's likely a lateral move considering power, unit price, and use vs profitable mining. That being said the expense would be essentially free if the money is given to you for keeping your PC on while you work or sleep, go to school, or vacation. 

Better - Obtainable by most hardworking blue-collar types and is a reasonable start to your mining journey as far as price and profitability and is simple to set up and immediately profitable alone or a huge boost to the team. 

Best - Highest end gear, some of these options are available via Team Success wholesalers only and may not be available on Amazon, these units are $20+ units per day with an above avg price tag to purchase. Each unit has a shelf life of zero maintenance 3-5yrs and could supplement income above the power consumption. 

Buying your OPTIONAL mining gear from our site will produce a commission, however, the products have been chosen without compensation in mind, the commission is paid back to the team in monthly revenue paid out seen here.

* May require professional wiring and upgrades where the unit will be used.  Contact Chris for more info on what might be required and what the cost might be per your need. 


Easy Use

#1 USB Miner

Under 10w Power

Set it - Forget It

LTC Focus

Uses Less Power Then Your Router



BTC Focus

Bitmain Chip Set

Great for mining/gaming


& 4

Easy Use

Easiest Setup

& 2

Stay Cool


Custom-built ready to run plug and play mining PC. Pre team installed software and shipping including.

  • Can mine different algorithms like Ethash, Equihash, CryptoNight

  • Run on 120V-240V AC (Standard power no fancy wiring)


  • ATX Motherboard INTEL

  • Cpu INTEL LGA1151

  • 8gb ram ddr4

  • 120 GB SSD

  • 1 X Powersupply 800w semi modular

  • STANDARD ATX window Black Case

  • RTX 2060 or RX 5700 XT

  • 120GB SSD - Windows 10 Installed Legal Copy


Shipping Included

  • Shipped in 1-14 business day

  • Safe packaging

  • 15-day Warranty

  • Worldwide Delivery


$1958.95 USD 


Custom-built & Plug and play GPU mining Rigs and Boxes. Pre team installed software, Runoff standard house power, and mine's altcoins. Unlike the below ASIC miners which will require special wiring and power bars to run more than one, and mine Bitcoin only but are still far more superior to others.  Each Box has a different card option allowing for more profits. Figures shown are estimates based on avg US electric rates and crypto rates. The amount is profit and ABOVE your cost to operate. 

Comes with 8 cards
Power Supply

Installed Team Software

Installed Mining Software

Shipping Included

Plugs into regular US Electric 120v
Mine the most popular digital currencies like Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Expanse, SiaCoin, Decred, and a multitude of other currencies.

$6.60/USD Day-RTX 2060-$4,686.42

$8.89/USD Day-RTX 2070-$6,492.73

$9.60/USD Day-RTX 2080-$8,411.06

$5.49/USD Day-RTX 2060-$4,333.01

$7.39/USD Day-RTX 2070-$6,064.87

$8.68/USD Day-RTX 2080-$7,904.12