Team Needs & Progress

Every person has the chance to make a change for good — no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate to mining, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of others. Your donation, together with those of our other supporters, brings us all ever closer to our goals. Join FREE!


Below is a list of needs for the team to focus on. These needs will directly impact the amount in which we pay out each month for life, a dime at a time we will achieve our goals of substantial mining per month as well as payout's to everyone on the team in each pool, pools keep PC owners in small groups to ensure success as the group adds equipment and active members. A pool of 25 active PC's can yield hundreds of thousands of dollars per member per month. When those members add the suggested OPTIONAL equipment your payouts grow because your in that pool. Leaderboard incentives will ensure members will want to expand mining capabilities, along with our 6 months "Mine Harder Policy" every other month our members receive free mining equipment.

 A donation button is available for those willing to donate, all donations go towards the expansion of our mining farm in Nova Scotia Canada, which pays out to our members every month. In order to become a member, you just need a PC with 4GB CPU or better. If your not a member please consider joining us before you donate.  Join Now


Needs - Progress - Benefit

  • Power Upgrade $500 - Raised $0.00 -

    Benefit = $.50 each member minimum monthly, already owned ASIC miners will be turned on.



    25% payout bonus every month 

  • Grows your payout per month FASTER 

  • Share interest on $208.33 per month*

  • Pooled with only VIP's*

  • Split $400 bonus every $1400 staked/earned in our team's VIP account

  • Grows Team investments & equipment

  • Directly used in staking platforms meaning long-term big picture.

  • 40 hr weekly mining minimum - 50% less team mining.

  • Earn Unclaimed or lost wages from underperforming/departed teammates

  • Yearly (Free Shirt*) - $139
    *Purchase Required


  • *When joined with 25 VIPS