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After about a month of struggle to get his PC running correctly due to an extremely busy schedule we allowed Big to be mostly idle, assuming he was coming back. The proud southern American he is, he intended to do just that and better than ever.

In his quest to get started he was moved by our motivation, vision, and dedication our straight from the cuff approach and if you don't like me you don't have to join me attitude, on his own accord has become a Mining Investor, his unit now earning for YOU, he donates 100% of his rigs team earnings both on the Growth Plan and Cash Plan Months. 

Growth Plan Months:
50% proceeds go to "Hydro - See details here "
50% proceeds go to "VIP's Trade/Growth Account - Membership Upgrade - Info Here"  

Cash Months:
50% proceeds go to Members Pay 
25% proceeds go to Current Coins - Daily Trading Account
25% proceeds go to "Hydro - See details here "

Big's Updates


Dec 16 - $4.82 issued to VIP's failure to supply bio last we heard was "I'll have much more time tomorrow" That was about 3 weeks ago.

Dec 18 - Big rejoins Team Success after battles with PC related hardware and NiceHash's recent looping issue.

Dec 20 - Reminded to supply GP and BIO to avoid future forfeits of GP funds.

Dec 22 - Becomes our first mining investor - no mining requirements no pay accepted/expected all mining is donation based and by consent.  The plan for the donation is to best suit bigs return which was alluded would be at VIP level and therefore we included that feature, Hydro offset means being about to run 12-5 pm, 2 more ASIC assuming team stays as is or better, Cash months will boost every member's funds huge thanks to BIG, CurrentCoins means more capital to trade using our winning method again hydro offset will actually mean paying the bill. 

Dec 27 - Happy Birthday BIG!

Feb 7 - Big finishes the month although struggling a little with reliability as he should with a 2GB card that shouldn't even be mining,  he managed to exceed the needed hours yet again although not closely monitored due to the investment nature of his mining we're just happy he's a member, its 100% profit and capital gain for the company having him around donating and motivating on the backend also. Thanks again for another solid month!

Cash month, as allotted above.


Growth Plan

1 Shirt 

1 Hat

1 Shirt Random Member

1 Hat Random Member

50% proceeds go to "Hydro
50% proceeds go to VIP's 

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