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Mike and Tracy are the founder's parents, they become involved reluctantly. Yes reluctantly, they are older, they don't understand crypto and they trust the ways of yesterday and like others, even tho your children are steadfast on something you may always exercise caution. They are indeed YOUR children. =) 

Mike, Chris's dad back in the early '90s started to develop a brand in which they both let go, it was to scammy MLM type stuff, not that all that is bad it just had a bad taste and likely still does. It wasn't going to scam anyone we believed in it like we do crypto it just sounded too good to be true. 

Team Success is different, we preach how hard it will be instead of how impossible, and how one person's generosity of a little BTC in exchange for the same effort and steps of others and services of Chris and his team to make that small trade more profitable, some altcoins and mining hrs on your PC depending on which part of the team you join and the transparency on display on our YouTube show that exact image, its a long road! We believe in crypto and its here to stay, we're working on convincing the parents of our founder. 

Tracy and Mike relocated to NS Canada recently to be closer to Chris and his family, Chris and his family relocated to a mortgage-free property, with outbuildings and extra power along with space to house crypto classes in September 2020, they have always been very close, Tracy is becoming more interested in being the first Satellite to Team Success, Possibly starting off with a more profitable 24/7 unit and setup and make room for growth beyond the two structures we already have at Team Success HQ in River John Nova Scotia.

Currently, Tracy is a Faucet miner and Promoter, she helped start her families security business off $20 and has made it a full-time income for over 15 yrs, we trust her promotional skills and look forward to meeting with her to discuss our goals and a few methods that work and are new to her then let her awesome bubbly personally take over, as her NiceHash is in a box to be moved... She will then resume mining. Good luck!

Dec 15th - Tracy and Mike have made it safe to NS where they face a lot of uncertainty in good ways. Living in the country can be different from the country you thought you lived in, more than 50km between services they find themselves looking for reliable internet while finishing 14-day quarantine, hell they'd settle for TV.. We might just have Tracy and Mike on the cellphone network for awhile stay tuned.

Dec 19 - Mike who has never been involved past conversation, begins mining separate from Tracy with his gaming laptop and hasn't stopped mining since, on top of that he's also on his way to becoming a verified member of Coinberry and or Cryto.com under our referral links, at which point both platforms pay either $20 or $25 USD respectfully. 

Jan 1-31 Mike shows his generosity and commitment to the team, he donates unwanted equipment and his handiness as he crafts the teams first ETH mining stand! Thanks for the items and donations MIKE, along with this Mike has mined exclusive to the teams organization all month and has been awarded MOTM!


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