Launched Oct 1 2020



VIPs is an account upgrade at Team Success the only one of its kind. The only thing other than swag that can be sold to you by us, and is the only thing not split with EVERYONE. It's an account meant for a staking profit share.

Meaning we deposit and do nothing but earn interest on the investment for a term of 1,2, or 3 months normally, with various percentages for ROI. 

The return on a small investment is minor, therefore at this point splitting that with the VIPs wouldn't be much more profit, so they have to mine less, make 25% more every month, the upgrade fee goes all in this account and earns interest and is traded for profits in the meantime while waiting for staking minimums. VIPs also earn $400 to split amongst each other when our investment totals hit $1400, every $1400.. SO you can see how earning interest and getting as much money into this account as possible is important.  WE reward the VIPs for the immediate investment they displayed also by giving this account all departing members unclaimed wages and growth plan balances as keeping those as founders would not be fair. This in addition to being in a VIP pool only when we reach 25 VIP members means the max growth possible. 

BUT.. AS always we stay true to the Team Success formula to not ask you for money, just do your team part share and grow the team and we'll keep mining. The VIPs have a dedicated ASIC miner at Team Success headquarters in River John, NS they are entitled to an even share of what the company earns on all revenue and will have that deposited into our VIP account at until the time $1400 is earned and we then add each VIP's portion to what they are owed! 

That's a lot of money and perks into the VIP account for your faith and donation to our success. We are held to the same growth plan as all members we have to upgrade ourselves accordingly.


Growth Plan


My Services

8 card ETH mining rig being built.

8 GPU (2 of 8 - In Progress)

1 + Bitmain T17 equivalent or higher, Or 2nd GPU Build level up from current build.

Amount Owed Toward Growth Plan


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  1. IF, You have a PC/Laptop with 4GB + CPU or Cellphone

  2. Willing to download & run the software/app 80+hrs wk.
    3. Have PayPal or Bitcoin Wallet