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Jan 24/21 - Rob is a diligent, honorable person from what we have come to know of him in the last few months, yes months.. 

Rob and I have gone back and forth over Instagram for months in DM about mostly Team Success and the odd personal thing but to be honest, it's been refreshing to see someone keep their word. 

When Rob and I first started to talk he had no PC/Laptop, he said he would be back, if we had $10 for every time we heard that! 

He's a proud mason and father and he's back and we're certainly happy to have him. Today he accepted the terms and provided no bio as asked for but is optional therefore by order of our TOS (Terms of Service) his GP (Growth Plan) payout months, which is every other month is donated to this account and GP in order to produce faster growth, higher cash payments to all members and VIP's, and allows for him to contribute to the team in the manor others are without receiving equipment and or changing anything he did before he met Team Success, he opens an app presses play and earns $30+ a month, not too shabby. Help us increase that to $300 we need you! Free to join you need a PC or Laptop to get started everything else is guided and communicated based on form answers, your ability to read the emails and reply with needed info. See our Record Breaking month here! YouTube


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